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bios suck.


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No, really. They're hard. I'm never sure how I want to sound, and once I've thought of something I worry I'll seem boring or pretentious. I like being silly and want to appear fun and easygoing...but also, TAKE ME SERIOUSLY! I AM A SERIOUS DRAMATIC ARTIST! I don't want to go on about my accolades because that's lame, but you came here for a reason and I don't want to leave you hanging, so hi! Thanks for visiting!

I studied Liberal Arts in Cegep, went to Montreal for Theatre Performance & English Literature (Concordia University), and got my MA in Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies at the University of Toronto. Since graduating I've been trying to make it as a full time artist, and have been broke ever since. Sometimes I think I'm funny so I auditioned (and graduated) from the conservatory program at The Second City, Toronto. I was even nominated for the Tim Sim's award for best emerging Comedian *oooo ahhhh*.


I love acting but after realizing I'm too impatient to find the perfect casting breakdown I decided to dabble into producing. As it turns out, I'm not half-bad at it and have done some neat stuff. I even started a theatre company! Cool! 

While my typecast is currently "quirky mom", I do have a soft spot for experimental new work. I like to sing jazz music, and dabble in a bit of violin.

I like acting because it helped me to overcome my shyness & severe social anxiety. I think anyone can play, and I hope we continue to be more inclusive with our methods of storytelling. Let's make some art? 


Photo Cred: Graham Isador

Photo Cred: Graham Isador